EVENT DATE: 02/01/2019
EVENT LOCATION: American Corner Struga

This month at the Corner:

- Learn web design in Wordpress - application open until Feb. 10 (for age 20+)
- Learn basic English - hurry up, a few more seats open! (for age 20+)
- Practice conversational English through engaging topics (for age 20+)
- Talk about movies and books - this month we’re reading “Brave New World” by A. Huxley; ALSO - stay tuned for an Oscar-themed cinema experience!
- Don’t forget to visit us on Valentine’s Day, for a blind date with a book - we promise it will be a “keeper” read more »

EVENT DATE: 12/01/2018
EVENT LOCATION: American Corner Struga

The holiday season is just around the Corner!
If you are in the spirit of giving, we can always use more volunteers for our Art Access program, the Action PRINT and the GLOW/YMLP Clubs. 
This month we’re starting a new English conversation group, for young adults who know some English but don’t get the chance to speak it. Sign up before it’s full!

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EVENT DATE: 11/01/2018
EVENT LOCATION: American Corner Struga

Our November calendar is out!

We are now accepting new members for the “Meaningful Conversations” program. This is a club for persons ages 20 – 35 who would like to practice and improve their English SPEAKING skills. The registration is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

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EVENT DATE: 10/01/2018
EVENT LOCATION: American Corner Struga
October is the most exciting month of the year! ... said no-one ever! 
But that’s about to change!

NEW BOOKS are here!!! And that’s just to get started!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we’re hosting INFO SESSIONS for the new program for ages 15-18 – the AC Struga TED-Ed Club! Come to learn what TED, TED talks and TED-Ed are, and why this Club is an opportunity you can’t miss! A preview of what you could achieve HERE:          read more »
EVENT DATE: 03/07/2018
EVENT LOCATION: American Corner Struga

Make It Run! is the third series of maker workshops at American Corner Struga, following Light It Up!, which took place in January and was focused on electronic circuits, and Shape It Up!, which took place in February and was focused on 3D shapes. Make It Run will start on March 10, and will deal with simple robotics and programming.

Below is a full description of the workshops in Macedonian and Albanian language, and instructions how to sign up to participate! (Scroll down to the end of the page to watch the video of our Light It Up series)

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NEWS DATE: 12/15/2018

The American Corners in Macedonia are seeking reliable, responsible individuals who have strong communication skills to fulfill positions as part-time (20 hours per week) Programming Specialists in Bitola.

POSITION:    American Corner Programmin...

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NEWS DATE: 10/29/2018

Last Friday, the core members of our “On the Same Page” Book Club gathered for the first meeting for the season, and when deciding what to read for the November session, an exciting idea landed on the table: How about this time, instead of read, WE WRITE?? ...

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NEWS DATE: 10/02/2018

Travel to the US and gain experience in technology and entrepreneurship! The US Dept. of State, along with WorldChicago, has introduced dozens of international Tech and Entrepreneurship leaders to our city's thriving ecosystem through the Profession...

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